Purse Spray

$ 20.00

With the Nightfall by Susan McCray Purse Spray you can keep the allure and mystery of this remarkable Eau de Parfum with you day and night. Soft yet distinctive, this hand blended, one hundred percent natural, chemical free scent whispers a subtle promise of excitement and intrigue to every passerby. Nightfall Eau de Parfum is a medley of the very finest ingredients, Including: White Jasmine, White Rose, Bergamot (a unique citrus fruit found in the coastal region of the South Italy), Blackcurrant buds (which are taken from dormant fruit buds of the blackcurrant bush) and just a drop or two of Ylang Ylang (extracted from the Cananga tree flower). The Nightfall 0.5 oz. Purse Spray comes beautifully cased in a sterling colored, purse shaped gift box, finished with a matching silk ribbon tie-up. The packaging is hand fashioned of eco-sensitive material.