First Post Posted on 28 Apr 05:29

“Nightfall by Susan McCray is soft, feminine, interesting and seductive. Much like Susan herself. It reminds me of summer nights on the beach watching the sun go down, curled up in the arms of the man I love”.

Melissa Gilbert

“For many years I‘ve not been a perfume wearer. I found the scents to be too sweet and overpowering. Then I had the occasion to try Nightfall by Susan McCray. I was attracted by the light fragrance and pleasantly surprised by the ingredients, florals, citrus and basil and best of all... no chemicals. Thank you Susan, you‘ve made me a convert”.

Kola Janoff

“I love Nightfall by Susan McCray. It’s soft enough for comfy jeans by the fire, yet goes perfect with a classy night on the town”.

Penny McQueen

“Susan McCray’s Nightfall fragrance is a truly inspired creation. I find it uniquely fresh, yet subtly intense and romantic. Those distinct notes make it a wonderfully versatile fragrance for daytime or evening. Nightfall is a soft compliment to my active lifestyle.”

Crystal Hudson

“Susan McCray’s fragrance, Nightfall, is refreshing and unique! What I found most pleasing is the blend of all natural ingredients, especially the citrus, which reminds me of springtime…I’m glad she followed her dream!”

Barbara Lilley

“When I first experienced a sample of " Nightfall" by Susan McCray, I thought "What a beautiful fragrance. When I experienced it being worn by my wife, I came to know its purpose. ”

Vincent Falcone

“I love the moment you first experience Nightfall, it awakens the senses with a fresh, natural and clean scent reminiscent of Provence in France. But, wow, wait a while and something wonderful happens when it mingles with ones own warmth. The true beauty of Nightfall sets in and becomes deeper and softer with just hint of a wonderful white rose. I treasure this new perfume by Susan McCray. Nightfall is bound to become a classic.”

Kiva Lawrence Hoy